Sunday, 6 April 2014

Walkers pops!

Oh em gee!!!!

Ok I'm writing this review purely because theese are my new love! 

Walkers pops original!
Trying theese was easy as I know I like the plain walkers crisps and theese walkers pops say "50% less fat"! Well that just sold it.. Walkers plain crisps but with 50% less fat!

So I tried them & instantly fell in love! The texture reminds me of snaps. And the taste is just the same was walkers ready salted but with a little bit more salt. 
I've took a likening to salt over the past year so theese crisps were perfect.

The packet is small and you don't get many in the packet so I find one bag just isn't enough and always end up buying more than one packet. 

I prefer theese over the others.

I give them a 5/5!!! 

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