Friday, 25 April 2014


Haven't blogged in a while I've just been so busy with work & being ill!
Went to the doctors they've said 10-14 days with this flu and I've now got a week left till my apt to get my ears sringed .. Not being able to hear is driving me insane! My hat goes of to those of you who don't have hearing or have partial hearing full time .. I don't know how you do it.

Stephens story!
I'm so inspired by this guy he's a 19 year old living with terminal cancer. When the doctors told him it was terminal he made a bucket list of things to do before he died and out of I think it's 46 things he's done 34 (including crowd surfing in a rubber dinghy AWSOME!) but still no1 on that list was to raise £10,000 for teenage cancer trust .. He has now smashed that & at this moment of time as I write this.. The current amount is... (Drumroll please).....£2,496,482.90!!!!
After reaching £10,000 he changed his target to £1million! What I'm thinking is if we all keep on donating if we all keep spreading the word, maybe we could reach £5million before he sadly leaves us! So Google Stephens story and keep spreading the word.. Let's raise money for teenage cancer trust in Stephens name! 

It's 4:44am and I can't sleep urgh time for eastenders then i will try again :) 

Bye guys xx

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